NVOCC services, which stands for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, are important services in the international logistics industry. An NVOCC is a company that acts as an intermediary between the shipper and the consignee in the ocean shipping process. They do not own their own vessels, but work with various shipping lines to arrange the shipment of goods..


Sea cargo, also known as ocean freight, is a method of shipping goods by sea using cargo ships. It is one of the most common and cost-effective modes of transportation in the international logistics industry. Sea cargo plays a crucial role in facilitating global trade and connecting businesses and consumers around the world.


Air cargo, also known as air freight, is a method of shipping goods by air using cargo planes. It is a fast and efficient mode of transportation in the logistics industry, allowing goods to be transported quickly to various destinations around the world. Air cargo plays a crucial role in facilitating global trade and connecting businesses and consumers.


Truck transportation involves the movement of goods in containers, trailers, or other types of vehicles. It can be utilized for both short and long-distance shipments, making it suitable for regional, national, and even international deliveries.


Customs clearance is the process of completing all necessary procedures and paperwork required by customs authorities to allow goods to enter or leave a country. It involves the submission of various documents, such as invoices, bills of lading, and customs declarations, as well as the payment of applicable duties, taxes, and fees.


Warehouse storage plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability and timely delivery of goods to customers. Efficient storage practices can help minimize costs, reduce order processing time, and improve overall customer satisfaction

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Freight forwarding is a service-oriented business that specializes in the arrangement and coordination of the transportation of goods on behalf of shippers. Freight forwarders act as intermediaries between shippers and various transportation carriers, such as shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies, and rail operators. They handle all aspects of the logistics process, including documentation, customs clearance, and coordination of transportation.


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